Feminine Embodiment Journeys


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A life that includes the feminine

  • Do you long to embody your feminine qualities more, so you can lead a life where you can be soft and strong, purposeful and playful?
  • Or are you constantly striving towards some distant goal, but never celebrating how far you've already come?
  • Do you feel depleted, because you are always the ‘giver’ rather than the ‘receiver'?
  • Perhaps you desire to understand your cyclical nature better, so that you can harness the creative power of your ever changing body?
  • Or do you long for a honest, liberating and transformative women’s community, where women support and celebrate each other on their life-journey?



Rebel Heart Woman – I see you

Hi, I am Corinne Konrad Calder, soulful coach and trusted confidant, weaving feminine embodiment and women’s wisdom-teaching. I help women come home to themselves, to unlock the power and wisdom of the feminine.

I have spent many years working with pioneering women in the field of feminine embodiment, eventually becoming a teacher  myself.

I’m the founder of Women’s Temple Hong Kong, a well-regarded local community, as well as Rebel Heart Sisterhood, a global online community.

I have helped many women around the world understand their female body better, and bring their powerful intuition, sensuality and creativity into their life and leadership.

Corinne helped me find ease with my period after a lifetime of struggle

Learning more about my menstrual cycle online with Corinne was a transformative experience. I have struggled greatly with my cycle throughout my life, and since working with her, I have so much more awareness, both physically and emotionally, that I actually have ease each month! Corinne's knowledge, compassion, and intuition allow her to effectively guide and hold space during this intimate process. I recommend her work to ALL women who are interested in a deeper connection with themselves and their female body.



Join the global online tribe
of heart-led women

This life is beautiful and challenging and we are invited many times to adapt to new circumstance, or to change 'our ways'.

My wish is that together, we navigate through life’s ups and downs from a place of deep intimacy with ourselves.

Join my virtual Homecoming Women's Circle and connect with a supportive group of women who inspire each other.

Homecoming Women's Circle 20th March - Theme: Spring Equinox

Merge with the playful and dynamic energy of Spring and feel into what's ready to emerge in your life with the arrival of this next season. To learn more CLICK below.


Celebrate and explore
the feminine in you

LIVE in-person ½ day retreats for women who long to meet with other women in an open and honest way, stepping more into their power. Women’s Temple is a non-dogmatic, sacred sanctuary that serves women’s individual and collective empowerment. Many women report that by coming to the Temple they have awakened a part of themselves that has been asleep or denied.

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Due to Covid-19 we don't have any LIVE in-person events scheduled.

To receive LIVE event updates, join the Women's Temple HK Facebook Group:

Corinne helped me to reconnect with myself and get grounded

After 4 years in Hong Kong, and working in a very male dominated environment, I had learned how to be goal-orientated, productive, strong and assertive - but along the way lost connection with my feminine side and forgot how to just be. Then by a complete coincidence I met Corinne, and joining her Women's Temple was like finding home again. Through temple I've reconnected to myself, found a place to unwind, unfold and get grounded - reclaiming that balance in life we all deserve, but is so hard to achieve in a busy place like Hong Kong. Thanks Corinne for this beautiful oasis, for creating a place for women to connect, to feel empowered as well as to let go and soften. Your Temple evenings have truly been transformative!


She helped me understand and accept the mixed emotions that I was feeling upon finding out I was pregnant

When I discovered I was pregnant at 8.5 weeks, my world turned upside down. I hadn’t planned on becoming a mother and I had many fears around my pregnancy. I also had limiting beliefs about how my life would look after I had a baby. In my one-on-one session, Corinne created a safe and nourishing space so I could completely open up about my feelings and fears. She lovingly listened, answered all of my questions and took me through a number of exercises that helped me understand and accept the mixed emotions that I was feeling. My one-on-one session was such a gift and it was exactly what I needed. Corinne has such a beautiful, caring and generous nature and I cannot recommend her work enough!