Attend my Change & Self-Leadership Event

90 Min on Wednesday, 31 August 2022
1pm UK | 2pm Europe | 8pm Singapore

US$ 45.00

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Change & Self-Leadership

Access your inner authority to uncover the first step towards change


The art of activating authentic change

The Soul-based Coaching way of change is soothing, reassuring and life-affirming – no matter how uncomfortable or anxiety-inducing this change might seem to you right now.

You will experience that you carry the answers on what works best for you, rather than having to follow a specific way of going about this change.

Instead of coming up with an overwhelming grand plan, I help you uncover the first step that feels doable and can be taken.

Does this sound familiar…

  • You want to change but struggle to begin.
  • You want to change but never find the time to take the first important steps.
  • You tried following other people’s advice, but it hasn’t worked for you.
  • You don’t want to wait any longer because the cost of not changing is starting to take it’s emotional, mental, physical, and/or financial tole on you.
  • You want this change to be aligned with your values, capacity, and rhythm.
  • Embarking on this journey with other women who desire change just like you, feels inspiring.

Corinne's event helped me dig up a nugget of gold!

Thank you! Today was a wonderful taster of your coaching work and helped me dig up a nugget of gold! It's so lovely how you take care of all the sensual elements on Zoom. Of the many meetings I have on Zoom, yours is consistently the leader in how the space is created as if we are almost meeting in person.


What this event gives you...

Liberation, clarity & motivation...


  • Safe and confidential space to go inwards and engage with the change you desire.
  • Access to your inner authority through gentle centering, embodiment and soul-based journaling practice.
  • Insight on the first step that you want to take towards the life you desire.
  • Empowerment to move forward, take charge, and activate authentic change.
  • Connection with other women who like you are on a journey of transformation.

You will leave this online event liberated, with new clarity and motivation to take the next step toward creating the life you long for.

Attend my Change & Self-Leadership Event

90 Min on Wednesday, 31 August 2022
1pm UK | 2pm Europe | 8pm Singapore

US$ 45.00

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Hi, I’m Corinne
Konrad Calder

Soul-based Coach, who weaves feminine embodiment and women’s wisdom-teaching.

I want you and every woman to thrive in their life!

Swiss-born with a natural curiosity for life, I have lived in several corners of the world, many times changing and evolving by honouring my longings and following my inner authority.

What I’ve learned is that no one can make us change unless we truly want this for ourselves.

Once we want it, we best place ourselves within an environment that’s supportive of our desires.

This environment I offer you with my event.

I currently live in Singapore with my husband and dog Rio and thrive on spending time in nature, where I always look for beauty and magic in the ordinary.

Corinne helped me change my negative belief about personal boundaries into something positive and worthy acquiring

"Corinne displays a loving neutrality which makes for a good coach. The way she’s been curiously asking questions together with her honest perception of my triggers and blind spots (don’t we all have them!) made me realize that it is boundaries that I need more of in my life, and that they are worthy acquiring. I know now that boundaries don’t mean I’m egoistic but that they can come from a place of honesty and love towards myself which will benefit both myself and my clients. This is huge for me, because I didn’t really have a concept of boundaries in life until now, but in my session with her I could experience that I can see better and be more present with myself and others with clearer boundaries in place. Wow, that’s exciting and a real change compared to my previous outlook on the matter!"


Corinne helped me work towards the kind of life I want to lead

I moved to Hong Kong in what I thought was a pursuit of a dream job. I was soon brought back to reality trying to cope in a new city alone, making new friends and coping with a job and colleagues that was slowly killing my soul and passion for life. I went through some extreme changes at work that filled me with self-doubt. I knew I was heading for a burn out and was very close to giving up my Asian love affair. I gifted myself some sessions with Corinne. Working with her was gentle and life changing. I am now full of energy and I am working towards the kind of life I want to lead. This is the best present I was able to buy myself.


What to know before you purchase:

  • This online event is limited to 12 women.
  • You will need to have your camera on for this event and be open to interact with other women.
  • If you can’t attend live, there will be a recording, but truth is, that we always get much more from a live transmission
  • Purchases are final. Please read this page fully to avoid any misunderstandings about what to expect.

Attend my Change & Self-Leadership Event

90 Min on Wednesday, 31 August 2022
1pm UK | 2pm Europe | 8pm Singapore

US$ 45.00

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