Fully Woman without Motherhood

Free 60 Minute Online Event for Childfree Women

US/CA West - Wed 30th June 5.30pm
US/CA East - Wed 30th June 8:30pm
HKT - Thu 1st July 8:30am
AUS East - Thu 1st July 10:30am

Soul-based Life Coaching


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  • Do you long for authentic change?
  • Or do you wish to spread your beautiful wings and live your purpose, but are feeling stuck?
  • Perhaps you notice the quickening of a dream ready to become real, but you are not sure how to do that?
  • Or you’re navigating a big life decision and are longing for clarity and direction.
  • Perhaps you are engaged with the question of a childfree life, and desiring to explore this in a safe and confidential space?
  • In all this, do you want to live from a place of deep intimacy with yourself, informed and guided by your inner knowing?

Rebel Heart Woman – I see you

Your internal pondering is beating faster; like a butterfly you are almost ready to emerge from your cocoon.

My life’s purpose is to help women like you through this exciting and at times vulnerable process of transforming and becoming.

Let me take you on a journey inwards, where you can unfurl your heart and awaken your inner knowing.

It is your knowing and my soulful guidance that will help you realize your dreams and create the life you long for.

I know now what having a purpose looks like for me

Working with Corinne feels like walking a safe, flat and foggy path with a friend at dawn. As I was exploring the question around my life’s purpose, she gently held my hand while I held the stick and set the direction. I made the decision about which way to turn but her presence gave me confidence to look ahead into the darkness and find the growing light. We walked for a while with low visibility, but I wasn’t scared. I knew I was in good hands. Corinne’s questions pierced the fog, and my answers blew away the cloud that surrounded us. I know now, what having a purpose looks like for me and that makes me feel at peace with my life and my process - it makes me feel deeply content.


What is Soul-based Life Coaching

Unfurl Your Heart - Experience Soul-based Life Coaching live with Corinne

Drop into your heart. Journey inwards and become intimate with the transformation you long to activate in your life.

The vulnerable process of transforming and becoming


Whether you’re feeling stuck, doubtful or unfulfilled, I know you carry the clarity you seek create the life you dream of and I can gently guide you.

You are resourceful and creative.

You are a creatress.


Unfurl your heart and activate the transformation you long for

Your 1:1 Online Soul-based Life Coaching sessions with me are 1 hour long. We can do them in English, German or Swiss-German.

During our time, I combine methodologies from Soul-based Coaching, which has it's roots in Clean Language (developed by psychologist David Grove), Symbolic Modelling (developed by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley), Presencing (developed by Otto Scharmer) and teachings about holding space and change.

3 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions HK$ 3,800, EUR 410, CHF 450

Sessions to be completed within 2 months

6 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions HK$ 6,800, EUR 740, CHF 800

Sessions to be completed within 3 months

9 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions HK$ 10,000, EUR 1,090, CHF 1,180

Sessions to be completed within 4 months

Want to find out if Soul-based Life Coaching is for you? I warmly invite you to book a free introductory session with me.

Corinne helped me work towards the kind of life I want to lead

I moved to Hong Kong in what I thought was a pursuit of a dream job. I was soon brought back to reality trying to cope in a new city alone, making new friends and coping with a job and colleagues that was slowly killing my soul and passion for life. I went through some extreme changes at work that filled me with self-doubt. I knew I was heading for a burn out and was very close to giving up my Asian love affair. I gifted myself some sessions with Corinne. Working with her was gentle and life changing. I am now full of energy and I am working towards the kind of life I want to lead. This is the best present I was able to buy myself.


She helped me to bring my ideas to fruition

I have always had many ideas that I've failed to bring into fruition, or I've started on something and not completed it. I came to Corinne with this frustration, hoping to gain clarity around my purpose and wanting to have a concrete plan with how to execute my latest ideas. Working with Corinne helped me to bring order to the chaos in my mind, what seemed overwhelming and too big a task started to take shape in manageable ways. I always knew that I was capable of achieving what I wanted, but somehow got stuck along the way, oftentimes leading to strong feelings of self-doubt. But after my Soul-based Coaching sessions with Corinne, I established an actual pathway that I created on my own, one I knew I was absolutely capable to following through with. What I gained was the knowledge that what I complicate in my mind is really quite simple! Corinne made me feel 100% of the time that I was exactly where I needed to be and that I too could trust my process. I felt totally held and safe in her presence.