Soul-based Life Coaching


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  • Do you long to for change that is aligned with your values, desires and deep human needs?
  • Do you want to come into greater self-leadership, discover powerful inner resources and start taking more charge in your life?
  • Are you living through a personal crises, questioning what now and want to reevaluate what's really important to you?
  • Do you find it hard to set personal boundaries and to lovingly care for yourself and would like to change that?
  • Do you feel burned out from a life-style that overrides your need for rest, silence and time alone and would like to access greater wellbeing?
  • Are you engaged with the question of a life without child, and your role as a woman in society, yearning to find your unique feminine expression in the world?
  • Do you have one (or many) wonderful creative ideas, but are  struggling to put them into action?

All this is possible when you begin living from a place of deep intimacy with yourself, informed and guided by your inner knowing and rooted in the mystery from which you were born.

Rebel Heart Woman – I see you

Your internal pondering is beating faster; like a butterfly you are preparing to emerge from your cocoon.

My life’s purpose is to help women like you through this exciting and at times vulnerable process of changing, transforming and evolving.

Let me take you on a journey inward, where you can unfurl your heart and access your inner resources and authority.

It is your knowing and my soulful guidance that will help you change and evolve, realizing your desires and create the life you long for.

Corinne has supported me enormously in unfolding as the person I really am and with making an impact in the world.

Since my Soul-Based Coaching sessions with her, I have become much clearer and I am able to connect my passion both professionally as a special education teacher at a school and in my own practice. Through Soul-Based Coaching, I have also rediscovered myself as an Evolutionary Educator in the method Evoped® and now offer consultations and training in this field. I highly recommend Soul-Based Coaching to any woman who wants to connect more with herself and is open and curious about what can emerge from that.


The vulnerable and exciting process of, changing, transforming and evolving

No matter where you are on your journey: start close in

Whether you’re feeling stuck, doubtful, confused, afraid or unfulfilled, I know you carry the clarity and power you seek to create the life you long for and I can gently yet effectively guide you.

You are resourceful and creative.

You are a Creatress.

Let’s start close in.

She helped me tap into the divine feminine energy and learn how to nurture and transform myself

Through my sessions with Corinne I've gained so much knowledge about tapping into the divine feminine energy, seeking support and connecting with my body on a deeper level. Coming from the old pattern of suppressing femininity, I learned to let go of what no longer served me and felt the evolution happening within me. Working with Corinne allowed me to learn how to nurture and transform myself and develop greater empathy and compassion for other women's evolutionary journey.


Coaching Packages


Your 1:1 tailored online coaching sessions with me are 60 minutes long.

During our time, I combine methodologies from Soul-based Coaching, weaving embodiment and women’s wisdom teachings when called for.

Sometimes I will suggest practices for you that help strengthen the learnings from each session which you will incorporate in between sessions. I’m also available to you for short questions in between coaching sessions so that you are fully supported throughout the whole journey with me.

Soul-based Coaching has its roots in Clean Language (developed by psychologist David Grove), Symbolic Modelling (developed by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley) and Presencing (developed by Otto Scharmer).

Package of 3 Coaching Sessions US$ 540.-

Pay in full, no payment plan available

Package of 6 Coaching Sessions US$ 910.-

Pay in full savings and payment plan available

Package of 9 Coaching Sessions US$ 1,250.-

Pay in full savings and payment plan available

Want to find out if my coaching style is for you? Book a free introductory session with me.

Corinne helped me let go of the illusion that my life would have been fuller and happier with a child

Through partnering with Corinne, I got to know myself better. I’ve spent more time exploring what fills me up from the inside, what brings me true nourishment and joy. I got a dog and learned to care for and ‘mother’ her. I began honoring my desires more, voicing them and thus taking more agency in my life. All of this helped me realize that I don't need a child to live a happy life. In fact, I know today that raising children wouldn’t have matched well with my personality and the trauma I’ve experienced in my own life.


She helped me to bring my ideas to fruition

I have always had many ideas that I've failed to bring into fruition, or I've started on something and not completed it. I came to Corinne with this frustration, hoping to gain clarity around my purpose and wanting to have a concrete plan with how to execute my latest ideas. Working with Corinne helped me to bring order to the chaos in my mind, what seemed overwhelming and too big a task started to take shape in manageable ways. I always knew that I was capable of achieving what I wanted, but somehow got stuck along the way, oftentimes leading to strong feelings of self-doubt. But after my Soul-based Coaching sessions with Corinne, I established an actual pathway that I created on my own, one I knew I was absolutely capable to following through with. What I gained was the knowledge that what I complicate in my mind is really quite simple! Corinne made me feel 100% of the time that I was exactly where I needed to be and that I too could trust my process. I felt totally held and safe in her presence.


Corinne helped me change my negative belief about personal boundaries into something positive and worthy acquiring

"Corinne displays a loving neutrality which makes for a good coach. The way she’s been curiously asking questions together with her honest perception of my triggers and blind spots (don’t we all have them!) made me realize that it is boundaries that I need more of in my life, and that they are worthy acquiring. I know now that boundaries don’t mean I’m egoistic but that they can come from a place of honesty and love towards myself which will benefit both myself and my clients. This is huge for me, because I didn’t really have a concept of boundaries in life until now, but in my session with her I could experience that I can see better and be more present with myself and others with clearer boundaries in place. Wow, that’s exciting and a real change compared to my previous outlook on the matter!"