Unfurl your Beautiful Heart

Live life from a place of deep intimacy with yourself, informed and guided by your inner knowing.

Experience your life as a homecoming,
lived in integrity and fulfilment.

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Your longings are real and precious


Have you caught yourself pondering something important lately, things bubbling up to the surface, the remembering of a dream or the desire for change?

In Soul-based Life Coaching we honour your longings and the heart-led life where you can be soft and strong, purposeful and playful.

Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you too will transform and evolve in your own time and within the nurturing and respectful space I create in our sessions.

Corinne helped me to give myself permission to live my life and build my career unapologetically even if it is an untraditional path

Before partnering with Corinne, I had been confused about which direction to take in life. I felt deflated after months of rejections and felt like I couldn't turn in any direction in life without getting denials or rejections. I also felt that I had failed to live up to societal expectations because of these rejections. I thought I needed clarity, but what I really needed was to stop judging myself and giving myself permission, which then led me to be able to feel more freedom and happiness with my overall situation. Through working with Corinne, I was able to be gentler with myself, and to open to the various opportunities that were becoming more available to me even though I never considered those before. I've been able to build my life around the things and people who were important to me. I've also been able to give myself permission to create a career in the arts while also working in healthcare. Throughout our sessions I was surprised about how much wisdom I already had within me including the tools that would help me to get through any bumps on the road. Corinne helped me to recognize and access them, something that remained long after our session were over. If you are thinking of partnering with Corinne, I invite you to be open to the process of Soul-based Coaching. It can feel uncomfortable at first. You might experience a range of emotion but at the end of it, you will see the change. You can trust yourself and your instincts.


Rebel Heart Woman – I see you

I am Corinne Konrad Calder. Here to be your soulful coach and feminine embodiment guide, meeting you exactly where you are on your journey - holding space and skillfully guiding you through this exciting and at times vulnerable process of transforming and evolving.

Swiss-born with natural enthusiasm and a great curiosity, I’ve transformed my life many times by honouring my longing and listening to the whispers of my heart.

A safe space to share and release what’s alive for you around your childfree/childless journey

And to rest and reflect on yet another full-on pandemic year.

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