Fully Woman without Motherhood

Free 60 Minute Online Event for Childfree Women

US/CA West - Wed 30th June 5.30pm
US/CA East - Wed 30th June 8:30pm
HKT - Thu 1st July 8:30am
AUS East - Thu 1st July 10:30am

Nurturing Resources


Cultivating intimacy with breath & feelings

A guided breath awareness practice called Feel, Kiss, Flow, originally by Chameli Ardagh from Awakening Women. Breath is the one thing that is always available to you. No matter where…

Saying yes when others say no, and the fear of heartbreak

I remember it well, the moment when I sat down with my parents, sharing with them that I’d made the decision to move to Hong Kong with my then partner…

Self-care for your SHE

A guided journey to nurture yourself and your SHE, using gentle touch and intuitive movement. This practice will help you drop from your head into your body, producing oxytocin which…

Dancing with your feminine rhythm

A short video where I speak about how you can use your menstrual cycle as a compass for rest and action in your life explained through the map of the…

Celebrate your journey of transformation

A recorded breath awareness and journaling inquiry to reflect on the past month with the purpose to help you recognize the big and small things in your life that you…

Unfurl Your Heart - Experience Soul-based Life Coaching live with Corinne

Drop into your heart. Journey inwards and become intimate with the transformation you long to activate in your life.